Birthday Ad campaigns are used in the main module of the Birthday VIP Club program. 

The Birthday Ad campaign type uses multiple message types which are the following:

1. Immediate Message

- This message acts the same as the immediate message in the old campaign types in Coupon Reach (Standalone & Directory). The message will be sent out to the customer after they submit the form.

2. Claimed Offers Message

- This message will be sent to users who claimed their offers from the Birthday Directory. In Birthday Ad campaigns, users who're celebrating their birthdays in the current month which is entered on the form, will be redirected to the Birthday Directory to claim their offers. For users whose birthday is in a different month, they'll only receive the Immediate Message after filling out the form. But when their birthday is upcoming, they'll be subject to the Offer Message sequence which will be discussed in the next point.

3. Offer Message

- This may not be its official name but it's basically what you can set up in Step 5 when creating or editing a Birthday Ad campaign.

This message acts as a "reminder" for those whose birthday is still upcoming or those who've already been through the Birthday Directory but haven't claimed their offers yet.

4. Follow-up Message

This message is the same follow-up message on other campaign types. Its sending behavior is based on all users' subscription dates and times. For instance, a follow-up message with its sending set to 7 days at 1 pm will be sent to the subscribers 7 days after they subscribed to the campaign at 1 pm.