If your Coupon Redeem button isn't clickable and doesn't work when you click on it, there are 2 possible reasons:

1. You are testing the coupon in PREVIEW Mode

- To actually test the coupon redemption, you'll need to go test the campaign itself by subscribing to it. That's the only way to test the coupon redemption. The redeem button isn't normally clickable when in preview mode.

2. You used the Coupon Page as a FORM THANK YOU PAGE

The Form TY Page is where users are redirected after they fill out and submit the campaign form. Here's an example: https://app.couponreach.co/view-page/342

On the page, you can place a text that says thanks to users for subscribing and instruct them to check their phone and/or email for message and/or their coupon.

If the Coupon Page is used as a Form TY Page, the redeem button will not work. The Coupon Page needs to be placed as a page shortcode (i.e., [page-0233]) on the campaign message/s such as the Immediate Msg, Reminder, and Follow-up Msgs.