You may notice that the lead search results show the first name to include both owner names and company names at the same time. At the moment, there is no way for Prospectreach's built-in lead scraper to identify if the name that pops up in the lead searches whether it's the owners' names or the companies' names. So simply put, the "Names" column which gets converted to "First Name" (fname if exported) when imported from the leads page, is generalized to record the companies' names or owners' names depending on what they have provided online. 

Moreover, you can view more data about your leads by directly downloading them on the search page by clicking the "link" icon on the Leads page:

That being said, some users import their own made CSV files for contacts which include names. Imported CSV contact files must follow the right format (see image below). You can add custom fields as well if you'd like. For more info on adding custom fields, you can watch this video: