Categories in Directories work differently on Desktop and Mobile.


  1. The directories show all category offers as you open them. The check ( ) symbol beside the Category name indicates that all offers belonging to that category are visible in the Directory. 

To filter the offers by category, you need to click on the categories that you want to disable. You'll notice that as you click them, an X symbol shows beside the category name, replacing the check (✓) symbol that was originally there.

At the very same time, the offers that belong to those directories that you disabled will also be taken out from the selection until you enable them back again.


  • On mobile, the Category selection is in a form of a Dropdown menu. Same as on desktop mode, the directory will show the offers from all categories. 

When you select one of the categories from the dropdown menu, the directory will show only the offers that belong to that Category. This is the same for all categories.