Normally, you can use a Logo Video instead of a Logo Image. But this article goes over how to insert a video in the Page Content of a Form.

  • To place a video on your campaign form, you'll need to upload it first to a video hosting site such as Youtube and Vimeo.

  • When the upload is done, you can then grab its Embed Code

  • Next, edit the form where you want to place the video.

  • Open up the Customize Form tab and find the Page Content box.

  • Click on Source to convert the Page Content into its HTML code.

  • Page the Embed Code you grabbed from the video on wherever you like the video to appear in the Page Content area.

Here's a video that you can follow:

Now, once the video is embedded to the form, you want to make sure that it shows responsive across multiple device platforms (Mobile phones, tablets, desktop).

To achieve that, you can follow through below:

Double-click the iframe code after getting out of the Source mode. Then you'll see the properties box of the Iframe and set the width to "100%". Here's a short video of that:

You can also change the width that you can see in the code right away but you'll need to find it first in the code same as this:

But it might be easier when you do it in the properties by double-clicking the Iframe. (First method)

For Vimeo videos, you can also do it even before pasting the embed code. You'll see embed options (+ Show Options) when trying to grab the embed code of the video that you want to insert into the form page content. You can then set the video size into Responsive or just set its width to 100%. Here's another video showing that:

For Youtube videos, you won't see those options but you can stick to the Iframe Properties method. Just make sure to set the width to 100%.