There are 2 places where you can check the ROI generated from your campaign/s in Contact Reach.

I. In your Dashboard

The Dashboard is the very 1st thing you see when you log in to the software through

You'll notice there's a Revenue Generated section in the Dashboard. That's the total ROI accumulated from all campaigns. You'll also see how the ROI grew from the previous week or month (depending on the interval that you can choose in the dashboard).

II. Campaigns List

The other place where you can find the campaign-generated ROI is in the Campaigns List. This is a bit different from what you see in the Dashboard because the ROI in the list is under a column and is separate for each campaign. You can find them under the column in the campaigns list called "Total Revenue". This is if you want an in-depth view or if you want to see the ROI generated by each campaign separately.

If you're not seeing the Total Revenue column, just click on Columns in the upper left part of the list and there you can enable the Total Revenue Column.

If you're having problems with the ROI, you can reach out to support