The Countdown Timer is a handy tool that you can place on your coupon pages. For some users, it helps with regard to the scarcity of the offers.

This article describes how you can set up and add a countdown timer to any of your coupon pages. But before anything else, you need to understand that the Countdown Timer is not, in any way, connected to a coupon's expiration.

Now, assuming that you've already set up your Coupon Page and all that's left is for you to place the countdown timer, the first thing you need to do is to Edit the coupon page where you want to place the timer. Go to your Pages list then edit the coupon page. 

When you've already gone to edit the Page, go to Step 2 (Properties), then click on Countdown Timer in the Available Items. It will be added to the design items on the right which are the active items on the Coupon Page.

Then click on the Countdown Timer that you just added to the design items to open up its settings:

You should see the options below:


  • End date & End time: This is basically what it says -- the date & time for when the countdown timer is up or expires
  • Timer Text: The text above the countdown timer (screenshot below):

You need to set the end date and end time if you want to disable the coupon page redemption. Additionally, if you want to redirect users to another page or a certain webpage when they get to the coupon page while the countdown timer has already expired, you can use the Enable Redirect After Timer Expires option. You can either choose an existing page in your Pages in Coupon Reach or use a Custom URL to a webpage.


On the other hand, the Start again after (Evergreen Timer) option works separately for each customer. For instance, if you have set it to 10 days, then each customer who signed up will have 10 days to redeem the coupon regardless of when they subscribed to the campaign.