If you're seeing 0 messages in your inbox even when you (1) actually received some replies to your Prospect Reach email account, or (2) you sent a test email campaign to yourself and replied to it, then continue reading below: 

Does the REPLIED column show 0 replies?

This means that you haven't fully or properly set up your Reply Notifications & MX Changes. Sometimes, you think you may have already finished setting it up. But even just a single step missed can make this not work.

Here are some steps you can consider checking if you've already set them up:

- Did you create a Sendgrid subdomain for your email domain? (For instance, subdomain "sendgrid.mydomain.com" to the main domain that is "mydomain.com")

- Did you create an MX Record for the Sendgrid subdomain?

The name should be the Sendgrid subdomain (for instance, sendgrid.mydomain.com

The Priority should be "0" and the destination = "mx.sendgrid.net".

- Did you grab the Destination URL from your Email Account in Prospect Reach and entered it in the Inbound Parser section in Sendgrid?

- Did you set up a parser email under the Sendgrid domain? (for instance, parser@sendgrid.mydomain.com)

- Did you set up a forward where the Address to Forward is the email account and the Forward to Email address would be the parser email account?

All the above steps were discussed in the tutorial for the Reply Notifications & MX Changes