Renewable Offers let users reclaim offers that they have already claimed before in a Directory. In the past, this option was located in the campaign properties (Directory section) for Directory campaigns. Now, this option can be found when editing offers. When you edit an offer, scroll down and open up the Offer Settings tab.

Enable the Renewable Offers option and set the Refresh Period.

The Refresh period indicates the time left for subscribers to claim the offer again after they claimed it the first time. You can set either the number of hours or the number of days for the refresh period.

The Redemption Limit indicates the number of times that a subscriber can claim the same offer. For instance, 5 means the customer can only claim this offer not more than 5 times. You can enter "unlimited" for unlimited offer redemptions.

You can also enable the countdown timer to show the time left until the offer can be claimed again. If there's no countdown timer, the timer will only show 00:00:00:00, same as this:

Once the above are all set up, users will see the recently claimed offers will show the timer, and still select the unclaimed offers without having to enter their info if the Remember Subscriber option is set up. They can reclaim the offers that they've already claimed beforehand once the countdown timer has expired.