Renewable Offers let users come back to the Directory and either reclaim offers that they've claimed before or claim more offers that they haven't claimed yet
TIP: In your immediate message, you can include a text that says something like "Check out the directory again to claim more offers".

1. To set up Renewable Offers, first, open up the Directory campaign's properties:

2. Then go to the Directory tab and open up the Directory Settings.

3. Then, enable the Renewable Offers option and select a timeframe/repetition. Here you can select Daily, Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, Bi-Yearly, and Yearly:

You also want to enable the countdown timer so the timer will show the left time until the offers can be claimed again. If there's no countdown timer, the timer will only show 00:00:00:00, same as this:

Once the above are all set up, users will see the recently claimed offers will show the timer, and still select the unclaimed offers without having to enter their info. They can reclaim the offers that they've already claimed beforehand once the countdown timer has expired.