Client Portals are logins that you can create for your client's staff or the client himself/herself. The purpose of client portals is so the staff can manually redeem customers' coupons for them. This is useful for instance where customers don't have to hand over their mobile phone or tablet to the staff and also can be useful in on-call deliveries. 

You can find the Client Portal section in the Settings tab in the left-side panel of the software.

There you can create a login (email & password) for the client's staff and assign a campaign to them. They can log in using the same Coupon Reach URL (or your custom domain) that you use, but they'll only be able to redeem coupons by searching the customer's name or phone number, or by using the customer's coupon code
Here's a small preview of how the client portal looks like:

(The logo can be changed or removed anytime)

There are two ways to redeem coupons for customers using the Client Portal.

  • One is by searching for the customer's phone number or name. The search will show all the coupons belonging to that customer and show the option to Redeem the Coupon by visiting the actual coupon page.

  • The other is by using the customer's coupon code.