Are you concerned that some of your pages especially your Coupon Pages used in Standalone campaigns don't show their campaign assignments? Like the examples below:

For Coupons in Standalone campaigns, you won't normally see their campaign assignments in the Pages section.


Only the pages that you can select inside the campaign setup wizard will show their campaign assignments. 

In a campaign, you normally use 3 pages besides the form and they're the Form Thank You page, Coupon page, and Coupon Redemption Page respectively. However, when you're inside the campaign setup wizard, you're only able to "select" the Form Thank You Page in Step 2.

The Coupon Page, on the other hand, is something that you'll need to place in the messages using its page shortcode. For instance, in the Immediate Text Message, you can place the coupon page's shortcode on the message content: 

But unlike the Form Thank You Page that you can select in Step 2 in a campaign, coupon pages are placed as a shortcode in the messages. This difference between them is the reason why coupon pages and coupon thank you pages aren't showing their campaign assignment. So you'll see the coupon pages as "Not assigned" in the Pages list which is just normal.

On the other hand, the Coupon Thank You page is something that you need to select when editing the Coupon Page that you want to hook it up with. You can find where to set it up by opening up the Redeem button element when editing the Coupon Page. 

Like the Coupon Page, Coupon Thank You pages don't show their campaign assignments.