Not only you can set up a "general" custom domain for your whole Coupon Reach software account, but you can also set up a separate custom domain for each of your directory campaigns.

Before anything else, make sure that you already know how to set up your Coupon Reach Custom Domain that is in the General Settings. Kajabi tutorial link: 

(Note: For Lurn members, please check the "Custom Domain" tutorial video in your Birthday Marketing Formula Masterclass course)

So for Directory-level custom domains, you can choose to whether use your existing Coupon Reach custom domain (in your General Settings) or set up a completely new domain for that directory.

1. Using the same custom domain but with a different subdomain

First, let's talk about just using your existing Coupon Reach custom domain. In this method, you'll only need to create a new subdomain for your Coupon Reach custom domain in your Cloudflare account. For instance, if your Coupon Reach custom domain is "", then you can set up a new subdomain "offers" just for example, so it would be "".

So you need to go to Cloudflare and choose your custom domain "". Then you need to create a new CNAME where "offers" is the name and the target would be your Coupon Reach's subdomain which you can find in your General Settings > Other Settings (screenshot below):

You need to enter the complete subdomain - for instance, "" - in the Target field in the Cloudflare CNAME.

So it'll be similar to this: 


Once the above steps are done, go to your Coupon Reach Campaigns list, then open up the Properties of the Directory that you want to install the separate custom domain. Then go to the Directory tab and open up Directory Settings.

Toggle Enable Domain to ON, then paste the new domain (for instance, in the "Your Domain Name" field, then click Register Domain

Now, this particular Directory campaign will have its custom domain, separate from the custom domain in your General Settings.

2. Using a completely new domain

Now, if you're going to use an entirely new domain, for instance, "", you still need to go through the same steps above except:

  • You need to add the new domain to your Cloudflare account
  • Point the domain nameservers to Cloudflare's

Then in your Cloudflare settings for this new domain, you need to create the "deals" subdomain then the target would still be your Coupon Reach subdomain ("" in the example above).

Then in the directory's Properties, you'll then need to enter the new custom domain in the Domain Name field, hit Register, and then Save.

Also, don't forget to set the SSL/TLS encryption to Full.

Note: If you require some help, please open up a support ticket.