Sadly, unlike Contact Reach, no, Coupon Reach doesn't have.

But if you're a Contact Reach user, then this is definitely doable for you.

First, go to Coupon Reach, and pick a campaign of your choice in the Campaigns list. Open up its Campaign/Directory Form URL and copy the URL. 

Shorten the link of your Coupon Reach campaign form by going to one of these shortner websites: 

For example, when you go to Bitly, you'll find this field where you can shorten your form right away without the need to log in to your Bitly account.

Once the shortened version of your Coupon Reach form URL is generated, you can then copy it.

Then go to your Contact Reach Campaigns list, and create a Regular Campaign that you want to use to connect to the Coupon Reach campaign. 

Name the campaign, and on Step 2, choose your campaign Twilio/Txtria number to be used for your campaign (This number is what people will text the keyword to to subscribe). Then, enter your keyword that you want to use for the campaign which is what people will also text to the campaign number to subscribe.

Then in Step 3, open up the Keyword Message tab to edit it. Then on the Welcome Text Message, you can copy the shortened URL of your Coupon Reach form and a simple message to get people to sign up.

The Welcome Text Message is the message that immediately goes out once a person texts the keyword to the campaign number. When they receive the Welcome Text Message, they'll see the URL to the form and they get subscribed to the Coupon Reach campaign when they sign up through it.