Normally, multiple things in the software need to be checked if your campaign's Immediate Text Message isn't going out. Most likely, all the text messages in all your campaigns won't go out as well. Check the below points:

1. Your SMS Settings are not set up correctly.

        Go to Settings > General Settings > SMS Settings and check if you've already set it up.

Twilio setup training - click HERE

Clicksend setup training - click HERE

Txtria setup training - click HERE

 If you've already copied your SMS API Credentials, make sure that you've selected your number. For Clicksend, you only need to enter your Username and API key.

   Note - If you already created a campaign before you finished setting up your SMS Settings, make sure to go to your campaign properties and select your number in the SMS Settings there as well. 

 Campaign properties are separate from the General Settings but the SMS and Email settings in the Campaign Properties will copy your setup in the SMS and Email settings in your General Settings. If you haven't set up these settings in your General Settings yet, any campaigns you'll create moving forward won't have their own SMS and Email settings set up as well.

2. Your Twilio account is still in TEST/DEMO mode

        This is also one of the many reasons why the SMS from the campaigns aren't going out. Test numbers are very limited and won't work expectedly on live scenarios. You need to UPGRADE your Twilio account.

3. Your campaign does not have an Immediate Text Message or it is DISABLED

        Sometimes it's funny but it can happen. Edit your campaign, go to Step 4 and make sure that:


- Your Immediate SMS is "Enabled". Your campaign won't send the Immediate Message if, in the first place, it's not enabled.


        - You have an Immediate SMS Message. If your Immediate SMS is enabled but you don't have any message inside it, then there's nothing to send in the first place.

4. You ran out of Twilio SMS credits

        Although this rarely happens, it can still happen. No SMS credits = no sends.


- If the above steps did not help, you may need to check the error on your SMS API's end. For instance, on Twilio, you need to go to the settings of the number that you used for the campaign and go to its outgoing SMS logs section. The logs will show all the messages that went out from your campaign as well as the ones that failed. The failed ones would show an error code where the description can be searched as well. If the error doesn't have a description when you open up a failed message log, you can then search for the description on the web. For instance "Twilio error code #####". You can let us know about the error description or just reach out directly to Twilio's support. You can also check out the same thing on other SMS APIs that the software integrates with. 

5. SMS Carriers are blocking your shortener URL (if using TinyURL as the SMS URL Shortener)

If you're using TinyURL, try to switch to other SMS shorteners such as Bitly or Rebrandly. More info is in this article.

6. You have not yet registered your number for A2P 10DLC Messaging.

This year (2023), SMS carriers' security has been tightened and most, if not all messages with links will be blocked. This is where the A2P 10DLC messaging registration steps in. If you want your messages that contain coupon links to be sent and received by the recipients successfully, make sure that the campaign number/s is/are registered for A2P 10DLC. Here's the link to the A2P 10DLC Registration training inside the Coupon Reach software course: