There are multiple things that need to be checked to find out what's keeping the messages from going out.

1. The first thing you'll need to check out when your immediate SMS broadcast hasn't sent any message after a while would be your actual campaign. (1) First, try to subscribe to the campaign that has a form/immediate message and check if you receive the message upon subscribing. If you receive the Immediate/Form Message just fine, the cause might actually be something else (skip to #2)...  If you didn't receive the message, it means that something's wrong with your SMS API setup (Twilio or Txtria). You need to check if your SMS API credentials (ex. SID and Token) are correct or haven't been changed. For the best technical assistance, you can reach out to support. You can also view this article:

2. If you received the immediate text message after testing the campaign, that means that your SMS is working fine. In this case, there would be more areas that you'll need to check:

  •  If you're using Shortcode/Woot Text, messages that contain more than 160 characters won't be sent. Consider the coupon link's character count as well.
  • If you're using TinyURL as the URL shortener for your broadcast page links, try to use another shortener such as Bitly or Rebrandly. Same with the web, it appears that some carrier providers don't like TinyURL links which ends up blocking messages that contain such links.
  • For SMS + Email broadcasts, check if you actually placed your broadcast text message content in the Text Message field/box. The text message field might've been left out.
  • Double-check if the campaign that you sent the broadcast to actually has a subscriber/not - Or if the subscribers have their phone numbers recorded properly in the software.

3. If the above points are all good, then it means that there's no problem with either your broadcast message or your number. Your broadcast message might have just been delayed. The delay is most likely caused by a sudden surge of broadcast messages processed in Contact Reach's system that overflowed the system's handling and capability. In this case, please try to wait for a few minutes, although in some cases, it might take longer. If it's already been hours long, please send a report to support