Coupon Reach and Contact Reach are both powerful softwares - both helpful in increasing business sales for clients and bringing a rise to repeat transactions. While they have differences, they also have lots of similarities. Below are lists of features found in one of the softwares but not in the other:

Contact Reach features that are not in Coupon Reach:

  • Direct text-to-subscribe method (while Coupon Reach also has this option, it'll need to be set up in a different section in the software [Coupon Builder], and is usually not the main entry point for subscribers)
  • 2-way texting system
  • Surveys
  • Contests
  • Loyalty campaigns
  • Web widgets
  • Packages and client accounts
  • Tablet Kiosk (for additional opt-in method & loyalty campaigns)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response, e.g.: Call-to-subscribe)
  • Woot Text (69696) Integration
  • Additional Coupons (additional coupons can be inserted on a coupon page)

Coupon Reach features that are not in Contact Reach:

  • Campaigns that can be set up as FB Ads
  • Directory ads
  • Categories in Directories
  • Standalone Offers (Offers can be posted standalone as an FB Ad)
  • Coupon Builder (create clickable images that lead to campaign subscription)
  • Dark Mode Theme for custom domain/Whitelabel login
  • Campaign Stopped Pages (landing page for when a campaign is deactivated)
  • Voucher campaigns (paid coupons - TBD soon)