In the event that Sendgrid temporarily suspends your account and asks for the following, you can respond using the info in this article.

1. The nature of your business, the services you provide, and your potential customer base

- You can let them know that you help increase the revenue of local businesses using a software (Contact Reach, Coupon Reach, etc. - you can also paste here the opt-in link to the software) owned by My Local Agency ( The software uses both SMS and Emails to send out digital coupons from local businesses.

2. Your sending frequency and volume

- Email sending frequency and volume depend on the usual number of customers and how large the business is of the client that you're offering the software service. It can be around 20-60 emails per day or more.

3. How do you collect your recipient addresses (link to opt in page, or sign up process)?

- The software usually grabs users more info using its forms such as this: [* For Contact Reach: *] OR [* For Coupon Reach: *]

4. How you will allow your recipients to opt out of your emails (whether you plan to use Sendgrid's one-click unsubscribe feature, or if you have your own method)

- You're going to use Sendgrid's Unsubscribe via Subscription Tracking. [NOTE FOR YOU: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: The Unsubscribe via Subscription Tracking is an option that allows Sendgrid to automatically add an unsubscribe button in your email footer area. You can find and enable it in Sendgrid Settings > Tracking. You can visit this page for more info: ]

5. The types of messages you will be sending (transactional or marketing)

You're going to send mostly emails with digital coupons that customers can redeem in your client's store, so they're marketing messages.