There are two ways to add check-in points for customers.

Method #1 - Tablet Keypad (Kiosk)
In your left side panel, you can find the Tablet Keypad module. Basically, it lets you create a tablet keypad that you can use as a Kiosk in the business' front desk or cashier area. Once you created a keypad, you can copy its link and open up that link on a tablet or iPad intended for use of the business. Below is a sample:

First time customers can enter their phone number and then they'll get subscibed to the campaign that you selected for that keypad. At the same time, they'll also get their 1st check in point. Nth customers, on the other hand, will receive another check in point when they enter their number again.

Method #2 - Client Portal
Client Portal Settings can be found in your Contact Reach settings.

The Client Portal is recommended to be used by restaurant/business staff. Basically your can create a client portal account for the staff.

The staff can then log in to their client portal account by using the same Contact Reach login URL that you use ( or your Whitelabel domain. 

When logging in, this is what's first seen:

Now, for the staff to manually add check in points to a customer (provided that the customer is an existing subscriber of any of the campaigns), the staff need to simply enter the phone number of the customer (Search by phone) or their name (Search by name) in the search field then click Search. Then select the coupon connected to the Loyalty Campaign, enter the Bill total (since check ins come with purchases) then click Submit. Then they need to make sure to enable the Add Checkin point so the customer will get a check in point for that submission.

The staff can also use the client portal to subscribe new customers into a campaign.