In the event that Twilio asks the following questions while setting up your account, you can respond using the info in this article.

Example from Twilio:  
  1. Will you be using Twilio for personal or professional use? If for professional use, please provide a link to your website/app and your association with the brand/company. Additionally, provide your use case and how you are obtaining new customers.

  2. In accordance with Twilio's Messaging Policy, how do you collect expressed consent from the customers for the messages that you are sending? Please provide screenshots or links from your website/app, including:
  • Customer sign-up form w/ expressed consent
  • Opt-Out policy
  • Sample initial message sent to your customer

Here's what My Local Agency recommends sending as a response: 

  • Professional use. You're helping local businesses with the use of Coupon Reach software. Here is the link to the software login: The software is owned and developed by My Local Agency ( Customer information is obtained through the software's opt-in forms which can be set up inside it. Here's an example:

  • Consent requirement is included in the GDPR compliance section for each campaign in the software. See the screenshot below:
The above screenshot is taken from the form: 
The screenshot above is an example of the initial message that goes out when a customer opts in. It also includes an opt-out policy.