Customers may sometime enter the incorrect coupon value/amount in the Subtotal Field when redeeming coupon. This leads to a problem calculating campaign revenue.

Good news is you can edit the redemption value.

You can do this by going to the redemption tracking page of a campaign. 

1. First, go to the list of your campaigns and find the campaign to which that redemption belongs

2. Make sure that the Redemptions columns are enabled (Redemptions, Birthday Redemptions & Anniversary Redemptions). You can toggle them inside the Show/Hide columns menu.

3. Going back to the campaigns list, click the number of redemptions of that campaign under the Redemptions column.

Note: If the redeemed coupon is in the:

Immediate Message: click the number under the Redemptions column

Birthday Reminders: click the number under the Birthday Redemptions column

Anniversary Reminders: click the number under the Anniversary Redemptions column

You'll be redirected to the redemption tracking page. The first thing you'll see is the map showing each redemption's location. Then below that is the list of redemptions. There you can find the redemption that you need to edit. 

4. Once you found the redemption, click its Edit button under the Actions column.

5. You'll then see the Edit Coupon Value popup box where you can edit the coupon value.

6. Hit Update