It can be disappointing to see the links in your campaign messages go out in their actual form which could be very long. If you've already set up your shortner before, whether it's Bitly, Rebrandly or TinyURL, there are few possible reasons why it can happen:

1. Monthly limit: You've already used up your shortner's monthly link credits/limit. While Bitly and Rebrandly obviously have a monthly limit for their links especially with their free plan, TinyURL doesn't. Although Bitly is more commonly used by Contactreach users. If using Bitly or Rebrandly, check if you still have credits for the current month. If not, you can either purchase a paid plan, or (not recommended) switch to TinyURL.

2. Shortner Access Token Error: The software couldn't connect to the shortener even if there's just a single character error, typo, etc.. In this case, you need to go and copy your shortner's access token again and paste it into your Contactreach settings.

3. You forgot to set it up at all: If by any chance, you realized that you haven't set it up, then go to your Settings right away and open up Other Settings then scroll down until you find your shortner election.