Spends or spend amounts are one of the Reward Types in the Loyalty Campaigns in Contact Reach. When a customer's spend points reach the amount that you've set in the Loyalty Campaign, a message that may contain a reward (for instance, a coupon page) will be sent out to that customer. The spend points can be added to the customer's record by either (1) redeeming their coupon that contains a 'subtotal field', or (2) by using the client portal. 

The Client Portal helps in many ways. One is to manually add spends for customers. Client Portals can be found in your Contactreach settings.

The Client Portal was intended for the use of the restaurant/business staff. Clients can create a client portal account for their staff so they can redeem the coupons with a subtotal amount (spend) for their customers.

The staff can log in to their client portal account by using the same Contactreach login URL that you use (www.contactreach.co/app/login). 

When logging in, this is what's first seen:

Now, to manually add spends to a customer (provided that the customer is an existing subscriber of any of the campaigns), simply enter their phone number (Search by phone) or their name (Search by name) in the search field then click Search. Then select the coupon connected to the Loyalty Campaign, enter the Bill total then click Submit. You can also enable the Add Checkin point if you want to add a point for check-ins as well for the customer.