For Support to assist you better, please follow the Ticket template below before submitting a ticket. 

Product/Software: (ex. Contact Reach)

What is your concern?: Ex. Not sending emails (please be specific to avoid delays if possible send us a video or screenshots of what exactly the issue is to resolve faster moving forward.)

Software log-in:( ex. Contact reach email and password)

Name of Campaign:

Video link: (you may use loom or go to

Screenshot: (you may use snipping tool or snagit)

For Birthday Club Formula Bot please provide the following info:

Manychat Admin Link: (In order to generate an invitation link go to Settings -> Users, click Invite New Member button, then select desired User Role and click Generate a Link. Copy it and send to any person who needs to join.)

Integromat Log-in:

Contact Reach Log-in: (If you have connected CR to Manychat)